iMedic Platform

Hiking deep in the woods, you start to sweat and feel like something's wrong but you don't know what. or may be you're house-bound for three days due to a bad storm. The roads are closed except for emergencies, and your baby's cough is getting worse. What do you do? With imedic app, you can communicate to doctors immediately in both of those scenarios, alert the doctor and in some cases even have the doctor prescribe medication, from your smartphone, no matter where you are.

This app is more preventative,more convenient, less expensive and NO MORE LONG QUEUES/WAITING TIME.

IMEDIC allows you to choose the best doctors u wish to be monitored by.

iMedic solution

IMEDIC provides you with many features;

Medical records/results:

iMedic app allows user to store their own medical records safe and up-to-date, and share them securely with healthcare professionals and people you trust.

Medical devices:

iMedic app helps people with chronic conditions and other health conditions who may need to track daily health metrics, such as blood pressure, glucose, and oxygen saturation and so on, by measuring it automatically with the help of medical devices already available in the iMedic app. You can also input your data manually from the test reports obtained from clinics/labs/hospitals.


iMedic app provides you and your doctor with a graphical representation of your results uploaded. For example, a doctor is able to diagnose your blood pressure by comparing the graph between the two parameters, systolic and diastolic pressure.


iMedic app allows secure messaging between patients and doctors and doctors with other doctors For example, your surgeon can ask another surgeon to review your scan reports and provide a second opinion.


Doctors receive alerts, when you upload your recent medical readings/records. Doctors check the alerts and respond to you immediately.


Patients can set reminders for themselves for them to not miss taking medications,any appointments or say reminding you to track your heath metrics by taking measurements using medical devices and so on. Doctors can also set reminders for their patients.

Reports and images:

iMedic allows the patients/doctors/clinicians to upload lab reports, xrays, scan ,prescription reports and so on, to a secure location inside the app, helping doctors and patients for future reference.


iMedic app allows you to use ECG medical device and upload your ECG graph which will be immediately received by doctor once you upload it.

Healthcare is in the midst of a mobile transformation, and recent research indicates that there's no end in sight to mobile technology use in patient care.